Technology Minerals Limited

Developing the UK's First Listed, Sustainable
Circular Economy For Battery Metals

Technology Minerals Ltd. will be the first UK listed company to create a circular economy for battery metals within a single group. 
Technology Minerals will be the first and only UK company to extract the raw materials required for Li-ion Battery cathodes and then help solve the ecological issue of spent Li-ion batteries by recycling them for reuse by battery manufacturers.

Technology Minerals Limited

Technology Minerals is a majority shareholder across a portfolio of battery metal projects. Focussing on the circular economy and security of supply through to end-of-life the group includes mining, supplying raw material critical for the growing battery market, and recycling, bringing new innovation and a UK first capability to battery recycling.

Approaching IPO imminently, Technology Minerals is raising to expand the work of the group. Key mining projects are positioned globally, ensuring a diversified portfolio toward securing key mineral supply for key battery metals. These include: 

Upcoming IPO

Executive Summary

Technology Minerals will be the first UK listed company to create a circular economy for battery metals within a single group, to extract the raw materials required for Li-ion Battery cathodes and then help solve the ecological issue of spent Li-ion batteries by recycling them for reuse by the battery manufacturers.

Technology Minerals is comprised of mining assets and a major recycling group, laying the foundations for the UK’s first meaningful green circular economy in the battery industry.

Battery Recycling
The battery recycling market is growing at an accelerated rate, a 100% increase by 2030 is expected. Driven by automotive and industry transitioning to more environmentally friendly electric solutions, through government pressure and user demand.

There is no UK capability to recycle Lithium-ion batteries currently, providing a unique opportunity for Recyclus to provide a leading offer to the European market.
Investor Summary
Resource Projects
The battery market, driven by the automotive sector, continues to grow exponentially as can be seen with 200 gigafactories built or in planning and with $65bn of committed funding to battery manufacturing. Lithium Ion batteries are a core platform technology for the 21st century. By 2022, the metal and mineral demand for the EV industry will 2x that of consumer electronics. The battery supply chain is under capitalised and future bottlenecks likely with the rollout of Electric Vehicles.
Investor Summary

The Team

The Technology Minerals team are well placed to develop the UK’s first circular recycling economy. Read more about the individuals behind the movement below. 

Robin Brundle,
Executive Chairman

A visionary and successful senior executive with a proven track record of maximising business opportunities be they business growth, turnaround, exit strategy or culture change, thus offering a compelling value added proposition.
A significant number of successful business turnarounds – International and national brands – Automotive, aerospace, defence, motorsport, property development and NHS. Well connected with a broad range of high net-worth clients,governments and senior directorships. ‘Opening doors to do real business with real people’.

Alexander Stanbury,

Corporate finance specialist with extensive contacts in the City of London financial community. Founder of HASS Advisors Limited in 2011 – advising clients on growth strategies, project finance, and capital raisings. Experience in origination and syndication of both private and public placements for companies within the Natural Resources sector for the boutique merchant bank Prosdocimi Limited. 15 years experience in the Natural Resource sector. Ex- Associate Director of London-based investment bank Dawnay Day Corporate Finance Limited Experience in hedge fund management through his time at Lindemann Capital Partners LLP in New York (USA).

Lester Kemp,
Head of Resources

Lester graduated in 1990 with a Masters Degree from the Royal School of Mines, University of London, England (UK) and went on to work with GeoScience Limited in Ascot before running a gold exploration camp in Guyana. After completing his MBA, Lester worked with various junior resource companies operating throughout Africa / Europe and Scandinavia. Lester was co-founder of Mantle Diamonds Limited and is the co-founder of Arabian Nubian Resources.

Nick Emslie,
Advisory Board

The ex-CEO of BP’s global Petrochemicals Business, Nick Elmslie will act as an Adviser to the board. His deep knowledge of the Chemicals industry and his financial expertise will offer our board a strong independent opinion to enable
better decision making. 

Nick is a seasoned Non-Executive Director with deep experience in Renewable Fuels, Biotech, Construction Chemicals and Plastics Recycling.

Wilson Robb,

Wilson is a graduate of the University of Glasgow with 30 years of experience in mineral exploration and the resources sector. With a current focus on gold in Africa, battery metals in Spain and Ireland and base-metals in Africa, Ireland,
Spain and Scotland, he specializes in sediment-hosted base-metal exploration, is a skilled field geologist, an effective exploration manager and project generator. Wilson co-founded Aurum in May 2002 and the company is today a
globally service provider of high-quality, cost-effective contract exploration, target generation and exploration management to clients in the international mining and exploration industry with a geographical focus on Africa, the Middle East
and Europe and Ireland.

Investing For Growth

We are investing towards growth, primarily within the European market. We're focusing on scaling the developed technology, that mechanises currently labour-intensive programmes. With management and tehcnical know-how secured as part of our offering

Key investment focusses include:

  •  Increasing recycling volume growth: 
    Lead-acid; from 10,000 to 60,000 mt/year
    Lithium-ion; from 5,000 to 20,000 mt/year

  • Capital purchases of recycling plants
    Up to 5 nationwide
    Supporting the growth & value of Recyclus

CEO Alexander Stanbury pictured with Plant 1, based in the Midlands.

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